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I was interviewed by India's Manorama publication about CoSAFF 2020


What will be the trend for future film festivals?

It’s hard to tell how world events will shape the future of film festivals, since we are still in the middle of a lot of major changes and upheaval. But this year is showing us that a lot is already changing, and will continue changing. For example, festival organizers and audiences are increasingly embracing digital festivals - these allow a lot more people to potentially watch the films. There are also a lot of collaborations between film festivals now, and our CoSAFF is a great example of that. Many other festivals are also coming together for their own collaborations. Film festivals are also changing their conventional rules around premiere requirements for films, and other criteria. I do think a lot of these changes are making everything more democratic, more adaptable, and ultimately allowing a lot more people to engage with film festivals and new films than before.

Read the full article on Manorama.

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