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I was interviewed by Saathee Magazine about CoSAFF 2020


How did the idea to have a coalition of South Asian film festivals come about?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it threw a lot of the film festivals into uncertainty. Several festivals decided to cancel or postpone indefinitely. We at Tasveer South Asian Film Festival started speaking with some other South Asian festivals like Washington DC South Asian Film Festival and Chicago South Asian Film Festival, and that's when we started discussing the idea of building a coalition. Then we invited other festivals to join the discussions, where we brainstormed what a coalition could look like, and how this would work. Eventually, we all landed on some common principles and goals that everyone agreed to, and the Coalition of South Asian Film Festivals was born. This is truly a case of solidarity and mutual support emerging out of uncertainty and a challenging time.

Read the full article on Saathee Magazine.


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